Why International Companies Should Consider Building an Outsourcing Office in Moldova in 2024

Discover why Moldova's legislative proposal for the IT sector presents a compelling opportunity for international companies to establish outsourcing offices. Learn about tax benefits, economic advantages, and the country's vision for business growth.

In today's rapidly evolving global economy, international companies are constantly seeking new opportunities for growth and expansion. Moldova, a small yet ambitious country in Eastern Europe, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking legislative proposal aimed at revolutionizing its IT and BPO sectors. 


Moldova's IT sector is on the brink of a transformational journey, thanks to a visionary legislative proposal set forth by the government. This proposal, which extends the IT Park Moldova Innovation Technology Park regime until 2035, holds immense potential for international companies looking to establish outsourcing offices in the country. Let's delve into the compelling reasons why Moldova should be at the top of their list.

1. A Promising Future: Extension of IT Park Regime

The extension of the IT Park regime underscores Moldova's commitment to providing a nurturing environment for the IT sector. With a focus on development-friendly policies, international companies can expect unparalleled benefits, including a unique 7% turnover tax and no additional taxes on employees or employers. This unbeatable offer sets Moldova apart as an attractive destination for outsourcing offices.

2. Seizing Opportunities: Inclusion of BPO Activities

The inclusion of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) activities within the IT Park regime opens up new avenues for growth and innovation. By encouraging the creation of well-paid jobs for young professionals, Moldova aims to position itself as a hub for service export-oriented companies. International firms stand to benefit from a skilled workforce and a supportive regulatory framework, fostering long-term success.

3. Driving Economic Growth: Strengthening IT as an Economic Driver

Moldova recognizes the pivotal role of the IT sector in driving economic growth and prosperity. With 20,000 IT professionals already contributing 5% to the GDP, the potential impact of 100,000 professionals is staggering. By fortifying the IT domain and nurturing a vibrant startup ecosystem, Moldova paves the way for sustained economic development and innovation.

4. Fostering Positive Trade Relations: Positive Trade Balance with the EU in Services

One of Moldova's key strengths lies in its positive trade balance with the European Union, particularly in services. By exporting more services than it imports, Moldova channels vital revenue into the country, supporting local salaries and job creation. International companies can leverage this favorable trade environment to establish outsourcing offices and tap into lucrative market opportunities.

5. A Bold Vision: Moldova's Aspiration to Lead

At the heart of Moldova's initiative lies a bold vision to become the most business-friendly country on the continent. By extending the IT Park regime and embracing BPO activities, Moldova is taking a significant step towards achieving this objective. International companies are invited to join hands in shaping Moldova's future as a dynamic hub for innovation and growth.

How Zelda Can Help 

Zelda, a leading consultancy firm, specializes in assisting international companies in establishing their presence in Moldova. We provide full-cycle comprehensive services including setting up the legal entity, adhering and ensuring compliance with the Moldova IT park regulations, professional accounting and payroll services, recruiting, staffing, and complete HR administration. With Zelda's bi-lingual experts by your side, navigating the complexities of setting up an outsourcing office in Moldova becomes seamless and hassle-free.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the key benefits of establishing an outsourcing office in Moldova?

Establishing an outsourcing office in Moldova offers several benefits, including tax incentives, access to a skilled workforce, and favorable trade relations with the EU. Our team will inform and consult you on all the particularities. 

How does Moldova's legislative proposal support the IT sector?

Moldova's legislative proposal extends the IT Park regime, providing a conducive environment for the growth of the IT sector. Additionally, the inclusion of BPO activities aims to create more opportunities for service export-oriented companies.

What sets Moldova apart as a destination for international companies?

Moldova boasts a competitive edge in the IT domain, a positive trade balance with the EU, and a visionary approach to fostering business growth. These factors make it an attractive destination for international companies seeking expansion opportunities.

What role does the IT sector play in Moldova's economy?

The IT sector is a key driver of economic growth in Moldova, with IT professionals contributing significantly to the country's GDP. By strengthening the IT domain, Moldova aims to further enhance its economic prospects.

How can international companies contribute to Moldova's vision for growth?

International companies can contribute to Moldova's vision for growth by establishing outsourcing offices, investing in the local workforce, and leveraging the country's favorable business environment to drive innovation and prosperity.

What steps should international companies take to explore opportunities in Moldova?

International companies interested in exploring opportunities in Moldova should conduct thorough research and seek guidance before making the decision to open an outsourcing office here. Our team is ready to offer all the needed support, provide any information and assist you in this process. Get in touch with us today and let's discuss your expansion strategy!


In conclusion, Moldova's legislative proposal for the IT sector presents a compelling opportunity for international companies to establish outsourcing offices and contribute to the country's growth story. With tax incentives, a skilled workforce, and a visionary outlook, Moldova is poised to emerge as a leading destination for business expansion. By seizing this opportunity, international companies can play a pivotal role in shaping Moldova's future as a dynamic hub for innovation and economic prosperity. 


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