We are Zelda

About us

Zelda helps global companies to efficiently handle their payroll, tax and accounting needs in Europe.

Our Primary Goal

Our MISSION is to improve companies experience in relation to European governments

Zelda is a financial company that offers professional payroll, accounting and tax solutions for startups, SMEs, SMBs and large enterprises.
If you are a local, multinational or international company with offices across Europe, we can help your global expansion with customized and integrated financial services.

The Board

Meet Our Executives

Expertise · Experience · Excellence

Constantin Surucinschi
CFO, Managing Partner

Constantin brings over 8 years of experience in accounting and auditing for 35+ key industries, most serving as Surucinschi & Partners's founder and CEO. Expert certified CAP/CIPA with bachelor's and master's degree from The Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova. Driven by the principle: "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference" (Winston Churchill)

Eugenie Surucinschi
CEO, Managing Partner

Eugenia is a devoted professional in international payroll and accounting for 20+ multinationals with offices in Europe. IFRS and GAAP expert, licensed in economics, highly qualified in finding efficient solutions and problem-solving. Passionate about BPA and optimizations. Driven by the principle: "Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs" (Henry Ford)

Value We Share

What Makes Us Different

There are some main principles we use to build an impactful, high-growth business while staying true to ourselves.

Think and act with integrity

Be truthful, determinate and consistent in life and work, call a spade a spade

Keep things simple

We love to focus and go deep in a problem, but also to be present and enjoy every moment

Show care and be responsive

Manifest empathy, take actions, work proactively towards each other and communities

Build a 100-year partnership

We build for the long term in relation to our clients, our people and our planet


Key Industries We Serve

Whatever the industry you come from, we are here to remove the financial and tax complexity you face with. We work with governments, regulators, payment networks, banks, and consumer wallets, so you don’t have to.

Need professional advice for your business or your industry?


Local expertise across multiple locations in Europe

If you run a local business or are continuously expanding your footprint in Europe, we can help you to get full compliance with European legislation. Discover and explore your options to bloom in Europe with our team of experts.