Tracking employees working time is not a problem anymore. We have the solution

Time & Attendance

In a world of flexibility and WFH, tracking employees working and off time is a must. We have the solution for SMBs, fully digitalized, easy to use for non-IT people

Due to nowadays innovative solutions brought up by new technologies and the wireless Internet connectivity, is trendy to hire people who’ll work for you in the office or remote. Remote working is very attractive especially among Generation Z whom likes to travel, to feel free by working from home, co-working spaces or cafes, from trains or from other third place locations. As a business owner you have only to get the fruits from this: your people are more productive and happier, it’s cheaper and your company will likely attract many of skilled workers from further afield.

But how to better manage their working time, record working hours and give according tasks in order to have everything on time?

Zelda is one step ahead and we have the best solution for you with our Time & Attendance Management service

In many countries it’s mandatory for employer to track the employee’s working time, overtime, vacation period and report them correctly and timely to the local authorities. 

In order to create a solution for this time consuming thing or if recording working time will help you to be more flexible, we have designed an innovative and intelligent Time & Attendance web application (ERP application type).

Our Time & Attendance web app is very simple, fully digitalized and customized for your business needs, which can be accessed in every time from every corner of the globe, with very friendly interface easy-to-use and easy-to-access for all the potential users. 

Move your HR department on the next level by bringing them up an intelligent & innovative web app for:

  1. Planning :

  • Working days, vacation periods, business missions, starters and leavers management, even employees internal and external mobility through departments or branches;

  1. Administration:

  • Easy access to employee’s personal data, their activity feed, uploaded documents such as CV, passports, assurance, drive card, information about visa, moreover your HR team will receive notifications when some documents, such visa will expire, and there will be necessary force major actions; 

  • Easy access to departments construction and to changes between them, assuring flexibility in designing your own organizational chart;

  1. Reports:

  • One-click reports generating for any reason in real time, in statistical terms of working hours per employees, departments or in terms of KPI per employees or per departments. 

Our Time & Attendance web app is an On-Demand product which must be customized for your business processes which helps you to better manage and organize the activity and connection with your people.

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